What's A Christian???

Apple has a commercial on TV where a teenage girl travels the whole day with her Ipad. She's taking pictures, doing reports, keeping in touch with friends and just enjoying life with her little electronic wonder. Then she is in her back yard and a neighbor asks her what she's doing on her computer. To which she replies, "What a Computer?"

Okay, let me vent here for just a moment. What's a Computer? Are you serious Apple. Get a clue. Every kid I know (whether they have one or not) knows what a computer is. (personal statement here - your experiences might be different) And every Ipad that I've ever had could do nothing that compared to what my PCs have done for me!

Anyway, (back to the blog) the reality is that the way our world is moving and at the pace it moves, it is possible that people might miss out on something or not know what something is or how it worked. But let's get spiritual here for a minute. I think it would be a sad day when someone, especially the younger generation might say, "What's a Christian?" You may say that could never happen, and I sure hope that's the case. But when God's people live contrary to his will, and we get so involved and comfortable in with the life in this world, are people around us really getting to know what Christianity is all about? What can we do to make sure that their experience with believers is different?

It's going to require a stronger commitment, and greater love and a passion for Jesus Christ and people. Wouldn't it be great when the church can say, "What is sin?"

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