The Darkest Dark

Matthew 6:23

It is too easy to fall to the trickery of our spiritual enemy. Actually, let me say it like this - If you aren't in your Word and Prayer Closet it is too easy to fall to the trickery of the enemy. In Matthew 6:23, we see that there is a place that we can be whereby we think that we are people of the light, and yet we are living in darkness. And from what this verse says about it, that is not a good place to be.

The only way that this can be is that this believer and follower of Christ is not doing what Christ has told them to do. It cannot be a believer who is in His Word everyday. It cannot be a believer who is in thier prayer closet talking to him daily. For those things would speak to and guide them away from this situation.

This is darkness posing as light. And as far as I can tell from my Bible, there is only one person who does that....Satan.

What are you doing today, believer, to guard against such? Have you been with Jesus today? If not, when?

This is all part of us being UNHINDERED!
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